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    We have just gotten MSC Status recently and looking for MSC Status office space, how should we go about it?

    1.Firstly, you need to define your business premises where it allow you access to talent pool, public transportation, near to client site and more importantly cost effectively.

    2.Secondly, sizes can be vary from 735sq.ft / 1000sq.ft / 1500sq.ft / 3000sq.ft and beyond.

    3.Thirdly, always pre-plan your office move in with minimum 2 months grace period by giving the allowance to sort out tenancy agreement (2 weeks), renovation period (1 month) and test run your workplace (2 weeks)


    Is there any MSC Status office space for sale?

    Most of the MSC Status office space located in Mid Valley, KL Sentral, Bangsar South, UOA Business Park, Oasis Ara Damansara, depending the size requirement, if you were to engage someone do the job, ensure to liaise with experience realtor to work out a insightful report and first hand information before you embark any informed decision.


    Does buyer/tenant require to pay for our service?

    Our fee will be paid by landlord/seller for most of the arrangement, however there are circumstances where we could act as tenant or buyer representative to negotiable the best available according to tenant/buyer interest, not all realtors are the same, just like whoever paying the lawyer fee, will enjoy the best advise and back up by best possible resources.


    What are the respective features of Cybercities and Cybercentres?

    MSC Malaysia Cybercities and Cybercentres are where MSC status office located, they provide ecosystems to promote the growth of ICT companies. These are where MSC Status company will be back by world class physical and information infrastructures. The telco rates also designed to match world class standard of which reliability,capacity & pricing. The most earlier MSC Cybercity or Cybercentre located in Cyberjaya, KLCC & KL Sentral, now you have more location to set foot such as Bangsar South, Mid Valley, Oasis Ara Damansara, UOA Business Park.


    Is that a must for MSC Status company to locate in Cybercity or Cybercentre?

    There are 4 categaries of MSC Status company depending which segment that you are applying to, Tier 1 & Tier 2 MSC Status are required to be relocated into Cybercity or Cybercentre, Tier 3 & MSC Startup are exempted and able to relocate to any commercial premises.


    What is Designated Premises and MSC Approved Boundary?

    For instance, in Mid Valley, designated premises (tier 1 building) Garden South Tower & Garden North Tower, MSC Approved Boundary (tier 2 building) are Menara IGB, Northpoint, Boulevard Office. You can double check with MDEC what Tier of MSC Status that you are applying for.


    Can we not to have our office in Designated Premises (Tier 1)?

    You may do so to relocate to non-designated premises just to surrender the benefits of BOG1 and BOG8 which To Provide world class physical and information infrastructure (BOG 1) and To provide globally competitive telecommunication tariffs (BOG 8)


    Will the MSC4Startups Programme be in place beyond 2020?

    The mechanisms are put in place to meet our long-term MSC Malaysia plan.


    What will happen to all the MSC Cybercities and Cybercentres?

    MSC Malaysia Cybercities and Cybercentres will continue to provide conducive business locations to existing MSC Malaysia Status companies. With MSC4Startups Programme taking effect on 1ST January 2015, new Cybercities [...]


    Where do majority MSC Status companies having their office at?

    There are 20 locations that you can work with however most important is to depending your needs and wants, those MSC Cybercities and Cybercentre spread accross:-

    a)Bangsar South b)Mid Valley c)KL Sentral d)Damansara Heights e)TTDI MSC Status F)Puchong G)Putrajaya H)Technology Park Malaysia I)Petaling Jaya J)Bandar Utama K)Shah Alam L)Bandar Sunway City M)One City N)UOA Business Park O)Oasis Ara Damansara P)Cyberjaya Q)Damansara Perdana R)Kota Damansara S)UPM MTDC Serdang


    Will MSC Status building more expensive than non-MSC Status Building?

    Not necessary, there are example non-MSC Status Building is even more expensive than MSC Status Building, for example in KLCC Menara Ilham (RM9psf) versus Menara Hap Seng 2 (RM7.50psf). Ultimately what detach the rental is the building grading, building technology and more important is the occupancy rate and flexibility of landlord.

    Talk to us 011-2082 0247 or email to admin@mscstatusoffice.space.


    Our management is considering both to rent and to buy option, what methodology can we apply to compare both the option.

    A practical example, use Q Sentral @ KL Sentral 2000sq.ft as case study.

    To Buy: 2000sq.ft x 1400 rm/psf = RM2.8million

    To Rent: 2000sq.ft x 5.50psf = RM11,000 monthly

    In financial perspective, to buy with 80% loan with 25 year and 4.6% interest rate repayment is RM12,578 per month


    to rent with RM11,000 monthly

    Ultimately, to buy having the advantage to established a strong presence and capital appreciation versus to rent having the flexibility to relocate and expansion.


    Will MSC Status equip with centralized air-conditioning?

    It is depending the building technology, there are 3 scenario that you will be encounter:-

    1)Centralized air-conditioning, you are allow to use during business hours 8am-6pm Monday-Friday with no additional split air-conditioning is allowed.

    2)Centralized air-conditioning & split-conditioning, you are allow to use centralized air-conditioning during business hour 8am-6pm Monday-Friday plus operate own split-conditioning at any given of time.

    3)split air-conditioning-You are freely to use split-airconditioning at any time


    Will i getting free car park when we move in to an office, how many car park can we apply for?

    Most of the time, the car park is owned by car park management, the car park allocation can be vary from 1000sq.ft to 1 floating bay or 2000sq.ft to 1 floating bay. For every 10000sq.ft will be given a reserve bay. Monthly car park charges can be vary depending location between RM150-RM300 per month


    As a tenant beside monthly rental, what are usual outgoing that we should know?

    Tenant's responsibility beside monthly rental, monthly outgoing will be electricity, water, sewerage, telephone,internet, cleaning, parking

    Landlord's responsibility will taking care of building maintenance charges and city hall assessment fee.


    When we sign a letter offer and tenancy, what is the payment cycle and how many months of deposit are required?

    To confirm upon signing letter of offer, 1 month rental (first month rental) is required then you will be giving 14 days to review tenancy agreement before signing and make the remaining sum of deposit which is 3 months security deposit and 1 month utility deposit. Thereafter both party sign tenancy agreement and stamping before handover.


    Is goods and services tax (GST) compulsary when renting an office?

    Yes, if the landlord is gst registrant.


    What is the duration tenure of renting a office?

    Depending your company direction, if you were to stay for medium term 1+2 or 2+2 can be arranged. For long term can be even 3+3+3. In the event you are looking for tenancy less than 1 year or 6 months, we could always work out service office or co-working space to cater to your needs.


    Who should pay for tenancy agreement preparation fee, legal fee and stamp duty?

    Unless specific, preparation of tenancy agreement, tenant to bear the cost. Both parties to engage lawyer to review tenancy agreement at their own cost. Stamp duty to be paid by tenant according to Inland Revenue Board guideline.


    If i entered a 2 years tenancy agreement, can i terminate before expiration of tenancy?

    Market practice both landlord and tenant unable to terminate tenancy before expiration of tenancy agreement. The defaulter will be liable to pay the remaining sum of unexpired rental as compensation as liquidated damages.


    It that compulsory to reinstate to original/bare condition upon expiring of tenancy?

    Most of building owner will request tenant to reinstate to bare unit condition unless specify into tenancy agreement which allow tenant to leave the fixtures and fittings as is where basis with tenantable condition.


    Do you have MSC Status office or MSC Status Building for sale?

    Yes, talk to us 011-2082 0247 or email to admin@mscstatusoffice.space


    Do you have shared office/co-working office/flexible office/service office within MSC Status Building?

    Yes, do visit the website to know more



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    Who can I contact for more information?

    MDEC Client Contact Centre (CliC) E-mail: clic@mdec.com.my Toll free no.: 1-800-88-8338 (within Malaysia) Tel : +6 03 8315 3000 (outside Malaysia) Fax: +603 8315 3115 SMS: Type MDEC ASK [...]


    Can companies approved after 1st January 2015, who are already located at a Cybercity or Cybercentre, apply for MSC4Startups?

    Yes, company has the option to remain located until the expiry of the current tenancy agreement and subsequently locate to their desired location.


    How long will the MSC Malaysia Status application process take?

    Upon full submission of accurate and complete documentation, the Service Level Agreement (SLA) period is 15 days to seek a decision from the MSC Approval Committee


    What is the minimum paid-up capital required for company to apply for MSC4Startups Programme?

    The minimum paid-up capital to apply for MSC Malaysia for Startups Programme is RM1.00.


    Can a 100% foreign-owned company apply for MSC4Startups Programme?

    Yes. However, please note that Shared Service/Outsourcing centres are not qualified.


    With this programme, what is the minimum paid-up capital required for a company to apply for Foreign Knowledge Worker (FKW)?

    If company (after been awarded MSC Malaysia Status) has the intention to apply for Foreign Knowledge Worker (FKW), a minimum paid-up of RM2.00 is required for one (1) year [...]


    What was the fundamental reason behind placing all MSC Malaysia Status companies in the same location called the Multimedia Super Corridor back in 1996?

    MSC or Multimedia Super Corridor was first conceptualized in 1996, with a strategy to catalyze the transformation of Malaysia economy and society into the Information Age. The MSC was [...]


    Will the MSC4Startups Programme be in place beyond 2020?

    The mechanisms are put in place to meet our long-term MSC Malaysia plan.


    What will happen to all the MSC Cybercities and Cybercentres?

    MSC Malaysia Cybercities and Cybercentres will continue to provide conducive business locations to existing MSC Malaysia Status companies. With MSC4Startups Programme taking effect on 1ST January 2015, new Cybercities [...]


    Why is the partial taxation exemption for MSC4Startups companies only valid for 5 years?

    This was a policy decision when the plan for MSC4Startups companies was drawn up. MSC4Startups companies will only enjoy Pioneer Status tax exemption incentive for 5 years. To enjoy [...]

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